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Founded by Bilge, Sibel and Saime, KAPKA emerged as a result of the longing for the same thing by 3 creative friends with different work experiences and separate lives; The crowded and colorful tables of our childhood where we gathered around with enthusiasm, where various flavors are served with enameled dishes that make us feel welcome. They brought together the knowledge, knowledge and experience they gained over the years to revive the spirit of those tables they longed for. They chose enamel as the element of this idea. Because enamel has been in every kitchen, in every table, in every place where there is a conversation, in our memories for generations. Kapka, which set out to create new happiness from good memories of the past, was created to be used in all areas of your life. In order to stay true to the spirit of enamel, instead of fabricated production, each product was designed using traditional methods with the eye of hand labor. Thus, unique enamel pots and pans, each different from the other, emerged. With its robust and healthy structure, Kapka enamels are wherever you need them.

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